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Adventure Nation is fully committed to the highest QHSE standards for the quality of our services, for the health and safety of our employees and clients as well as protecting the environment.


Adventure Nation is committed to providing a consistent high quality of service to our clients. Adventure Nation maintains exemplary standards throughout the tours we organize. All members of Adventure Nation are responsible for quality control and quality assurance. We do this by:

  • Ensuring that all our staff have the required competency levels
  • Implementing a thorough quality assurance process
  • Regular performance reviews and application of lessons learnt
  • Client satisfaction reviews


Adventure Nation is committed to conducting its services in a healthy, safe, secure and environmentally responsible manner, respecting the people and cultures it interacts with and dedicates the necessary resources towards achieving this. All members of our staff are considered responsible and accountable for providing and maintaining a safe work environment through active leadership and implementation. We do this by:

  • Ensuring that all our staff have the required competency levels.
  • Utilising only certified equipment.
  • Regular checks of the equipment we are using for the services we offer.
  • Creating HARC (Hazard Analysis and Risk Control) charts for all activities.
  • Pre-testing all new activities.
  • Training to improve the performance or knowledge of the employees/collaborators.
  • Providing sufficient policies, information, instruction, training and supervision to enable all employees to identify hazards and mitigate.
  • Encouraging all employees and customers to STOP, without fear of repercussions, tasks that they deem cannot be performed safely.


Adventure Nation values the environments we work in, regardless of where these are on the globe. Our tours are conducted with safety in mind and with minimal environmental impact. Our philosophy is to minimise the impact we have, and to the best of our abilities leave activity areas in the same condition as when we entered. This involves not only the obvious, but also means taking care not to affect flora and fauna and showing respect for local human customs and values.